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Two Man Bicycle Store

Wash & Lube   $ 35.00

At Your Command

Our fantastic Cleaning Services are among our most popular services. Our team members are more than happy to answer any of your questions before, during, and after the repair process. Not satisfied? We’ll be sure to do everything in our power to get the job done right. Get in touch with us today to find out more about this service.

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BOX BIKE FOR SHIPPING               PRICE 65.00

Don’t Sweat It

Boxing a bike for shipping or airplane travel requires part experience and part art. Legacy Bike Shop we carefully balance the safety and security of the packaged bike while simultaneously disassembling each bike as little as possible; a difficult challenge that we enjoy solving. 

A typical bike boxing service includes removing the pedals, seatpost, and front wheel. The handle bars are also removed and strapped to the side of the bicycle. Larger bicycles may require further disassembly. 

Included with the service is the standard bike box. Measuring out at 56" x 10" x 32", this box is sturdy and will fit almost all sized bicycles with minimal disassembly. Professionally wrapped in bubble wrap, foam sheets, and packaging paper, we have been accused of over packing bicycles, treating each machine as though it was one of our own. We find this is the best defense against the baggage inspecting gorillas the TSA employs. 

Have your own travel case? That is great. We knock $20 off the price of boxing your bike when using a hard shell travel case.

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The Fixer Upper

Whether you just purchased a new bicycle and need it put together correctly, or you've just returned from a trip and your bike is sitting in a box unassembled, we will get you back onto the road. 

Featuring the same work flow as our popular Full Tune-up, you can rest comfortably knowing that your bicycle is assembled safely, assembled correctly, and assembled professionally. 

  • 10% instant rebate on all parts and accessories

  • Wheels are removed, placed in a truing stand where they are trued and spoke tension is checked

  • Hub bearings are inspected and adjusted as needed

  • Cassette lockring is checked for correct tightness

  • Tire pressure is evaluated and inflated as needed

  • The bicycle frame is wiped down by hand while the mechanic inspects the frame for safety and mechanical concerns

  • Front and rear brakes are inspected and adjusted as needed

  • Front and rear derailleurs are inspected and adjusted as needed

  • Chain and cables are evaluated and lubricated as needed

  • The torque of the crank bolts and pedals are checked

  • Headset bearings are evaluated and adjusted as needed

  • Bottom bracket bearings are evaluated and adjusted if possible

  • Stem and handlebar bolts are checked

  • When purchased from Legacy Bike Shop installation of a chain, tires, tubes, brake pads, saddle, kickstand, and pedals is included

  • As a final step, the bicycle is test ridden on the street to ensure that all aspects of the bike function correctly


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Two Man Bicycle Store

Mechanical Problems

Welcome to Legacy Mobile Bike Shop.$25.00 service minimum per visit



  • New tube/tire installation                                                         

  • Tubeless setup

  • Flat protection



  •  Wheel trues

  • Custom wheel building

  • Hub overhauls



  • Derailleur alignment and adjustments

  • Chain installation

  • Chain lubrication



  • Brake adjustment

  • Brake bleed

  • Brake pad installation



  • Bike wash

  • Drivetrain degrease



  • Fork service

  • Rear shock air sleeve service

  • Frame linkage and bearing service



  • Boxed bike assembly

  • Professional frame prep and assembly



  • Professional and safe bike boxing

  • Frame disassembly        

**Service packages cover labor only. Additional parts and accessories not included

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